R&R: Rants and Raves – Packers Versus Saints

Brett Hundley vs Eagles 2015 PreseasonI will not rant or rave about this game because the starters were sidelined so the young players could show what they’ve got. This was their chance to put on film the talents they learned up to this point, for 22 of them it will be their resume to make a case on another team, Thompson and McCarthy have to cut the 75 man roster to 53 by 3pm Saturday so a lot of talented young players will be getting that dreaded message they are wanted in the coach’s office. But there will be 10 of those 22 getting a call to come back Sunday to participate on the practice squad for the year and for others they may have shown enough for some team to pick them up – which is highly possible. Other teams know the Packers pick up talented players and train them up so when they are cut it’s not because they’re bad for the most part but just because they can only keep 53.

There were a select few who stood out this game and may have stamped their number on the 53, Brett Hundley could be one of those, I don’t see him clearing waivers to make it to the PS the way he has played so it looks like the Packers will have 3 QB’s on the roster again this year. This means Hundley will take up a spot that one of the other positions like MLB could have and in reality should have for the simple fact they can play during each game (if not on defense at least on special teams) whereas Hundley will warm the bench all year barring the unmentionable happening to the Packers’ MVP quarterback and Scott Tolzien.

Even the wide receivers like White and Pinkard would be useable at some point but it’s likely the Packers can only keep 5 so some of these young guys will not get the spot, Abbrederis is one of those who has all the talent but with his limited time on the field for the last 15 months due to injuries it would be hard for them to keep him on the 53, “Will he clear waivers?” is the big question.

Other positions will be affected as well, there are some big guys on the D-line who we would be better off keeping even if it’s only one spot it’s another in which the player would contribute all season so yes, Hundley is a talented player with a bright future but by keeping him it takes away a roster spot for some talented player who will be cut. So a tough call here for Thompson and McCarthy but one most of us fans feel has to be made or they will lose this kid on waivers.

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R&R: Rants and Raves – Packers Versus Saints
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2 thoughts on “R&R: Rants and Raves – Packers Versus Saints

  • September 4, 2015 at 1:18 pm

    Cut Masthay and teach Hundley how to punt. When it’s 4th and 4 it’ll give the other team something to think about. Instead of a static alignment, add various putting alignments with people in motion. I think that would put pressure on the receiving Hundley’s running and passing skills. Plus how many games did the Packers had to punt only once or twice in a game because of Aaron Rodgers. A punter seems like a wasted position with the Packer’s offense.


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