And the Final Plus

Well, tomorrow it will be time to focus on the game against the Rams Saturday but for right now, ten-titans-revolutionthere is one more thing I want to mention about last Saturday’s game against the Titans.

Remember last season when our defensive backfield couldn’t stop anybody? I don’t know about you but I have a feeling, after watching the Titans game, that this season will be different in that regard. I loved how Ha Ha played in the Titans game…sure, he missed a tackle but he also was disruptive back there, broke up a pass and hammered the ball out of a receiver’s hands. This guy got tested…and it looked like he liked it!

I think with Hyde playing well and Morgan Burnette dinged up, Ha Ha will get significant time to prove that he belongs on the field…A LOT! I liked seeing him cover ground and make plays. He seemed just like that prototypical “center fielder” that the Packers need. The question will be whether he is sound and instinctive when the season rolls around and teams are not so vanilla.

dixI believe in this kid…there, I said it. Remember, Ha Ha was the one who, when picked by the Packers at number 21, had to be asked if he was excited (he responded “Yes” of course) because he was just so quiet and low-key. Cut to the Titans game and you see Ha Ha making plays, getting up, signalling “Oh no you di-int!” and then going back to play another down. The guy lets his play do the talking and he seems to expect to be great…I love that!

Of course, this kid has a long way to go before he fills a number 21 jersey like a certain Charles Woodson did awhile back. But if he keeps working, learning, and keeps up the quietly confident attitude…he may be just the right fit for the Green Bay Packers.

But what do you think?…about Ha Ha…about the defensive backfield? Let me know in the comments below.



And the Final Plus — 4 Comments

  1. I like that he is not flashy with his words and speaks with his performance instead. He is a lot faster than his 40 time and closes ground on the ball with intent to hurt that alone makes me like him. He is still learning but from what I seen in one game so far, but he has the potential to be great, time will tell and fingers crossed now we can only sit back and watch.

    • Agreed Ben, I think the key for defenses in the league is in qb pressure. That is why Seattle will not be as good a defense as they were last year. Their backfield will be just as good but the pressure will not. If you give any qb in this league enough time, they will find a receiver.

      This post, though, was about how Ha Ha improves the d-backfield. I liked what I saw out of him, and that skillset…in particular being able to cover ground as a center fielder, gives us the opportunity to blitz defensive backs and roll coverage, something we have done little of since LeRoy Butler. This defense has showed that it wants to pressure the quarterback with defensive backs and a safety who can cover ground is paramount to that.
      Thanks for reading!

  2. I think it’s hard to find fault with HHCD based on a single preseason game. I’m hoping he can be more of a ball hawk/heavy hitter like Nick Collins. You don’t replace a Collins or Woodson, but HHCD could well be the next chapter.

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