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Defense Shines in 17-9 Win Over Seahawks: Rants and Raves

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The Packers needed to start the 2017 season fast, and with a stellar performance by a defense that only allowed three field goals...they got off to the right start. This was a defensive battle and one in which the Packers defense shone, holding Russell Wilson to just 14 of 27 passes for only 158 yards and most importantly...no touchdowns. (more…)

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The Difference Makers: Kenny Clark

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How big of a difference can Kenny Clark make?  I think it can be a profound difference for a defense that needed backfield help and got it, but also has the benefit in Kenny Clark of an up-and-comer on the Packers defensive line. There are many reasons to believe that Clark will be better than last year, there are reasons to believe that an improvement from Clark can benefit the defense as a whole. Let's dive right into some of them now.  (more…)

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Heart of the D-Line Looks Strong

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There is a reason for the cliche' "The game is won or lost in the trenches". The Packers for the last few years have relied on Mike Daniels to head up the defensive line and give it the attitude and pocket crushing presence that they need. To that mix they have added guys here or there from free agency and the draft. The Packers' defensive line in 2017 could be the deepest we have seen in a long time and it all starts with the "heart" of a 3-4 defense.  (more…)

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Will the Defense Prove Daniels Right?

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Mike Daniels said in a recent interview that he is visualizing the Packers in the Super Bowl next year. With Aaron Rodgers at quarterback and the newly added Martellus Bennett locked and loaded along with the wide receiver corps that has always been strong and is now deep, the offense should be one of the most dynamic in the league.  But the Packers cannot expect to go the distance without better play from the defense. Daniels seems to believe that the Packers defense is due to bounce back but will the group prove Daniels right?  (more…)

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3 Ways Mike Daniels Embodies Everything the Packers Are

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Mike Daniels is an explosive player in more ways than one. On the field, he is a beast...I recently quipped that the Army had called Daniels on the phone to see if they could recruit him to drop out of planes as a bunker buster. During the loss to the Colts, I stood speechless watching Daniels take not one, not two...but three players to task and almost sack Andrew Luck for a safety. But to me, right now, Mike Daniels is more than just a dominant player...he embodies a lot of who the Packers are right now. Here are three reasons…

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