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Point/Counterpoint: 3 Reasons Matt Forte Is NOT on the Packers’ Radar

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This week's point/counterpoint will center on free agency. There are a lot of people in PackerNation who would¬†love to see the Packers add Matt Forte to the backfield that already includes Eddie Lacy. Lacy, who is coming into a contract year, disappointed last season. But he seems to already be getting in shape and I personally look for him to have his best season ever if he can stay healthy. Here, we will talk about the points for and against and remember, the final post will include a PackerNation poll so you can make your opinion known by casting your…

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Davante Adams or Jeff Janis?

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If there was one thing I could change in the game against the Chicago Bears, it would be Davante Adams dropping the ball. If the Packers could have changed that one thing, it would have made all the difference in the game. That brings up the question of whether Adams should continue to start, or if it's time for him to be supplanted by Jeff Janis. (more…)

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Will the Real Eddie Lacy Please Step Forward

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It was nice to see Eddie Lacy start to look like his old self again in the Packers outing against the Vikings. He was back to making people miss, he was back to bull rushing people, and he was back to pushing the pile for extra yardage. When Eddie is rolling, the Packers offense, as a whole, moves the ball much more easily. The threat of Eddie Lacy opens up the passing game much like the threat of Adrian Peterson has given the Vikings opportunities in the past games this season. But the question remains, is Lacy back or is…

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Donald Driver: Beloved Underdog Still on the Rise

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I love an underdog. There is just something about seeing someone get overlooked and later prove that he was one¬†chance short of greatness, that really gets me. The Packers' organization itself should be an underdog...small community and a team that tries to choose players that are "Packer people" and doesn't deal in the Greg Hardy's of the NFL (generally speaking of course). The Packers are a team that seems to be in the shadow of the national NFL media and yet all other franchises find themselves in the shadow of the Packers' historical greatness and, in fact, every champion that…

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