GPN Poll: The Result of the Changes

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imagesCAS0KA36A lot of people are talking about how the Packers offense won’t change at all because all the starters are returning. But there was on big change. Communication and the execution of the gameplan are paramount in NFL football games. Our offense excels at execution and we are returning all starters. But that one big change…that one big change may make a difference.

The relinquishing of play-calling duties by Mike McCarthy is a change that should not be underestimated. McCarthy has said that he has been contemplating that exact change since the year before Philbin got the job in Miami. So presumably this team is more than ready for the play calling to be done by the offensive coordinator instead of the head coach. But it is a change nonetheless. What say you Packernation? How with the change in play calling duties affect the Packers’ offense?

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense



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