Offensive Player Analysis

The True Picture of Rodgers’ 2014 INTs

  2 years ago     94 Views     2 Comments  

Aaron Rodgers passes were intercepted five times in 2014, but how many of those interceptions were the cause of Mr. Ball-Security letting his guard down and making a poor decision? Let's review. (more…)

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Brett Hundley Engages Afterburners in Pre-Season

  2 years ago     96 Views     1 Comment  

When the Packers drafted Brett Hundley, I was thrilled. Most were dumbfounded that Thompson would go after a QB but I loved the pick. Still, I figured he would be a work in progress. I expected that he would sit behind Aaron Rodgers while he developed into a quality quarterback. Brett, on the other hand, decided that he was too impatient for the long approach and decided to impress right out of the gates. (more…)

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Jared Abbrederis Preseason Hopeful

  2 years ago     73 Views     2 Comments  

Jared Abbrederis has been cleared to play in the final preseason game of the 2015 season. That's not a lot of time to show his stuff but he has some things working for him... and some things working against him. (more…)

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Will Rodgers Play in Preseason Game 3?

  2 years ago     67 Views     1 Comment  

Kickoff is just a couple hours away and I'm getting pumped for the first game of 2015 at Lambeau Field. Hang in there Packer fans, we're about to get a much needed football fix. Still, there are a lot of concerns going into this game. (more…)

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Proof-Positive Preseason Games Aren’t Meaningless

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Every time the preseason rolls around there are naysayers who decry the games as meaningless. While I understand what they mean (the score is meaningless and the win/loss is meaningless). But, the games are far from meaningless. The Packers' preseason game against the Patriots is a perfect example. (more…)

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