Should the Packers Stay With BPA?

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ttTed Thompson has always been about picking the best player available in the draft for each round. This year’s draft sees the Packers in need of inside linebacker help with the loss of Brad Jones and AJ Hawk, and cornerback with Tramon Williams and Davon House. This year’s draft is strong in the areas of offensive tackle, cornerback, and wide receiver. 

With the Packers first pick coming at number 30, I see a scenario developing. What happens if the Packers pick comes up and the best player available is NOT a position of need? Let’s say a highly touted edge rusher is still available, should the Packers take him and move him inside like they did with Clay Matthews (and were seemingly successful at it)? How about a wide receiver…if there is one position that the Packers are stacked at, it is wide receiver. Should a talented pass catcher fall to the Packers, should they pass him up? Ted Thompson has always kept a healthy stable of receivers for Aaron Rodgers and in anticipation that we can’t keep everybody.

Most Dangerous Substance on Earth - Packer Offense

What do you think Packernation. In the first round (in particular), should the Packers stick to their draft logoguns or is this the year that we need to fill positional weaknesses even if the players available may not be as high on Thompson’s board? Click your answer below:



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