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The Missing Link in Ted Thompson’s “Draft and Develop” Approach

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Ted Thompson has done an admirable job drafting new blood to keep the Packers' deep in young players, which has in turn helped keep the coffers deep, rather than blowing everything on high priced free agents. At its root, this draft and develop approach is one that I agree with. It's a young man's game and the Packers are consistently one of the youngest teams in the league. But I think Thompson is missing part of the "develop" part of the equation in his seeming steadfast refusal to sign free agents. But first, a disclaimer: (more…)

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Sometimes You Just Guess Wrong

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In 1992, the Falcons traded with the Packers in a deal that brought Brett Favre to Green Bay. It was a decision that would change the face of the organization and bring, not only a franchise QB back to the frozen tundra but would wake a sleeping giant from its slumber. In 2005, 23 teams made the colossal blunder of passing over Aaron Rodgers in the draft. Each of those teams could have had the QB that will, by the end of his career, hold tons of NFL records. Each of these decisions favored the Packers in grand style. But,…

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Woodson Still Has It, But…

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Charles Woodson still has it. He's leading the league in INTs. I'm sure happy for him. I hated to see him go. But... Something's not quite right with this picture. (Or, maybe it's very right.) :)

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Free Agency in Four Hours: The Packers Sitch

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Free agency is just a few short hours away and the picture will quickly become clear as to where Ndomokong Suh will end up and whether Frank Gore will bail on a supposed deal with Philadelphia to go to the Colts. Packers fans, however, are going to be very closely watching Green Bay's free agent situation as there are still key free agents that the Packers will have to make decisions on and deals with. Here's the sitch: (more…)

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