Defensive Player Analysis

Sam Shields Key Contribution in 2016

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One of the things that I'll be watching in 2016 really has nothing to do with the strategy or mechanics of football. There are always those immeasurable things that often factor into how an NFL team produces on the field. Things such as a coaches ability to mentor and motivate can give the team an edge over a coach that is good at strategy, but not so good at motivating his players. In particular, I think it's going to be interesting to see how Sam Shields develops as a leader on the defense. (more…)

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Interactive O/U: Clay Matthews’ Weakness and His Move Back Outside

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Clay Matthews' weakness is stronger than many players strengths, yet he has one nonetheless. Read on to find out what it is and why this move back to the outside is important. At the end of the post is an interactive over/under poll for you to take to tell the world how you think Clay will do this year. There is no question that Clay Matthews is a special player. Not only is he a fantastic OLB in the Packers' 3-4 scheme, but for a couple years now he manned the ILB position and the the Packers improved against the…

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Big Changes Coming to the Packers Defense

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2015 was the first season in recent memory in which the Packers defense stood the hero more often than the offense. So, of course, the defense is where the bulk of the changes should be this off-season (tongue firmly planted in cheek).  (more…)

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Sometimes You Just Guess Wrong

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In 1992, the Falcons traded with the Packers in a deal that brought Brett Favre to Green Bay. It was a decision that would change the face of the organization and bring, not only a franchise QB back to the frozen tundra but would wake a sleeping giant from its slumber. In 2005, 23 teams made the colossal blunder of passing over Aaron Rodgers in the draft. Each of those teams could have had the QB that will, by the end of his career, hold tons of NFL records. Each of these decisions favored the Packers in grand style. But,…

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He Doesn’t Want to Talk About the Money

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Yesterday, news came out of Mike Daniels' new contract extension, but Daniels didn't really want to talk about it. His response was that he would celebrate in the offseason but for now, there was work to do and things to correct. I love that. If anyone doubted that Daniels was a baller coming out of college, no one is doubting him now. And Daniels still feels the grit of being called "too small" to play the position..."too short." He plays big though, as big as anyone in the game right now. It is great to see him get paid, and…

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