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Written by John Rehor Wednesday, 04 August 2010 07:37
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Phil HanrahanWell, the Favre drama begins once again. Meanwhile, GPN’s John Rehor caught up with Phil Hanrahan, author of Life After Favre who was kind enough to share his insights into the team past and present.

1. You mentioned on Twitter (@lifeafterfavre) that you were thinking of seeing the summer preview of this Fall's Broadway play "Lombardi." Did that happen?

Best laid plans. I had a ticket for the opening night. But the preview was up in Great Barrington, Massachusetts in the Berkshires, and I couldn't get up there and back down to NYC in time. I love the David Maraniss biography that the play is based on – in my opinion it's one of the greatest biographies ever written, of anyone – and Lombardi is exactly the kind of forceful personality you want to see an actor embody on stage. The only good thing was the ticket didn’t cost a Broadway price. I plan to see the play in NYC this fall.

Written by John Rehor Tuesday, 03 August 2010 15:11
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Brett Favre Retires AgainSo Brett Favre is retiring again?

Something tells me we've been down this road before with him. Hasn't he done the same song and dance for the last 5 years? His track record shows that he always comes back.

How will we know when its over? When the Vikings are on the field week 1 against the Saints and he isn't with them. Even then, we can't be sure that "itch" won't flare up again.

As Brad Childress is so fond of saying, its a very fluid situation. Any more fluid, and he would be floating down the Mississippi River in an effort to talk him out of retirement.

And that day still may be coming.

If Favre is done, the Packers path to the Super Bowl just got a whole lot easier. Still, most Packer fans wanted some revenge this year against good ol' number 4. To me, there is no sweeter revenge than holding up the Lombardi Trophy while he's riding on his tractor in Mississippi.

Written by Mike Davidsen Monday, 02 August 2010 19:51
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Packers OffenseThere’s been a lot of buzz throughout the offseason about the Packers’ high-octane offense led by superstar-in-the-making, Aaron Rodgers. This is all well-warranted chatter given some of the performances that the unit was able to string together last season. The Packers only scored less than 21 points once last season and it’s still possible to improve even further. Below are four things that will make the offense nearly unstoppable.

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jraugustine onThursday, 19 August 2010 21:02

I guess you can call them highlights. Sure give us a taste of the coming season.

jraugustine onThursday, 19 August 2010 21:00

I think, in addition to playing very vanilla on defense in order to not tip his hand, Capers was also trying to ensure that his players won't get hurt.