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Written by John Rehor Monday, 26 July 2010 07:15
Quick Slant
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Johnny JollyFirst Johnny Jolly was recharged with felony drug possession.

Then he was suspended by the NFL indefinitely, which was addressed here.

Now, on the Miller Lite Football Show, Mark Chmura reveals he heard Jolly failed 20 drug tests. Listen about 5 minutes into the podcast for the revelation.

If that's true, I have to wonder what took so long for him to get suspended? My first reaction after hearing the news on Twitter was pretty straightforward: @jasonjwilde @espnmilwaukee 20 failed tests? WOW! Then it becomes what took so long to get suspended. That is nuts.

I truly am speechless...

Written by Mike Davidsen Saturday, 24 July 2010 21:00
GPN Insights
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Rogers hurtRemember all that talk of Aaron Rodgers’ fragile build and proneness to injury? It’s no where to be found these days. Rodgers has put that chatter to rest by playing through injuries, the more severe ones occurring in 2008 when he was trying to gain the respect of fans and fellow players. It sure is a relief that Rodgers has proven more durable than once thought – his good track record in terms of health thus far has prompted the Packers to only keep two quarterbacks the past two seasons. Don’t be fooled though, no one is exempt from being injured – even Brett Favre.
Smart GM’s should realize that they’re probably not going to get the durability of a Brett Favre or Peyton Manning out of their franchise quarterback; it’s only a matter of time before their snap caller goes down for a week, several weeks or a season. If it’s that last option, an entire season, a GM better hope that he has a hall of fame defense, but more than likely, the team will have a tough time making the playoffs.
However, if the team is a sure contender, and the quarterback is forced to miss a short to medium portion of the season, there’s no need to close the books on the playoffs. Instead, a GM should be smart and make sure there is a solid veteran arm available to come in and win half or more of those games that the starter is out.

Written by Mike Davidsen Thursday, 22 July 2010 15:19
GPN Insights
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Green Bay Packer Defensive BacksDays after the 2010 draft ended in April, most of my thoughts were centered around the concern of not taking a cornerback in what was considered a draft class rich in corners. I was content with how Ted Thompson had addressed the safety position, selecting Morgan Burnett in the third round, and was fairly certain how the Packers' picture at safety would play out in July. However, in mid May the coaching staff made things interesting, moving former cornerback Will Blackmon to safety. 

The decision to move Blackmon to safety was a good one, in my opinion, as I hadn't been dazzled by his play at cornerback over the past few seasons. At the same time, this move, along with Morgan Burnett's impressive play in mini camps and Atari Bigby's refusal to sign his tender, has complicated the situation at safety. Burnett and pro bowler Nick Collins are virtual locks to make the roster - but who should be joining them? 

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jraugustine onThursday, 19 August 2010 21:02

I guess you can call them highlights. Sure give us a taste of the coming season.

jraugustine onThursday, 19 August 2010 21:00

I think, in addition to playing very vanilla on defense in order to not tip his hand, Capers was also trying to ensure that his players won't get hurt.